Born in 1994, theInternational Diplomatic Institute, acronym I.D.I., is a private Diplomatic, Economic, Cultural and Social organization of public interest, independent of States, national and international organizations, political and religious.

Having highlighted the Charter of the United Nations, IDI proposes, through dedicated Labor Commissions, to promote in the diplomatic, economic, religious, social and humanitarian fields, a spirit of mutual collaboration and assistance, aimed at developing information reports and cultural and economic exchanges; all for the improvement of the use of human, economic and social resources in all its aspects and among all peoples.

Above all IDI wants to explore new paths for international exchange through the diplomatic structures of each country, creating a diplomatic forum parallel to the role of the role.

Accredited to the European Parliament ISTIT 748596172 and Registered to the European Commission No. 61495588102-8, the International Diplomatic Institute is accredited UN through the registration ESA "NGO Branch - Departments of Economic and Social Affairs" code 640952 and is recognized by the Ministry of the Affairs Foreign. In accordance with the Italian Republic, the Holy See, the Republic of San Marino and the Sovereign Order of Malta, IDI interacts in order to facilitate new routes for foreign trade, becoming at the same time a center for research and study of topical international issues.
12 April 2018

Seeds and Chips 2018

“The agri-food industry is one of Italy’s sectors of excellence that generates innovation. It is a most important issue on our country’s foreign policy agenda, at […]
28 March 2018

Global Compact on Migration: the Farnesina meets the Italian civil society

Representatives of the Italian civil society and NGOs working on migration issues met today at the Farnesina to talk for the first time about negotiations on the Global Compact […]
12 February 2018

The “In gara con noi – Tender Lab” Project kicks off 2018-02-14

Today the Farnesina presents “In Gara con Noi – Tender Lab “, a new Economic Diplomacy project aimed at supporting the internationalisation of companies and especially […]

About us

The International Diplomatic Institute

is a diplomatic, economic, cultural and social international private organization of public interest, independent of States, national and international organizations, political and religious, established by notarial public act in 1994.

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Diplomatic Corps

International Diplomatic Corps

A structure called "Corps Diplomatique International - Diplomatic Corps International" was set up within the Department for Diplomatic Affairs, hereinafter referred to as "CDI"..

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I.D.I. World Club

The club of the entrepreneurs

A world circle of entrepreneurs who already work regularly with foreign countries or who intend to start their own business towards international trade.

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We explore international trade through the diplomatic structures of each country