Presided by the Avv. Paolo Giordani, formerly part of the EUCD (European Diplomatique Conseil Delegation Europe) in Slovenia, serving as Chairman of the Board, the Department for Diplomatic Affairs is intended to hold direct relations between the Institute and the international Diplomatic and Consular world as well as to carry out all the various diplomatic commitments.

The Presidency of the Institute has established an internal structure, which will be headed by this Department, called "CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE INTERNATIONAL - INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC CORPS – CDI", destined to regroup the members of IDI who have or have had the diplomatic status of any country in the world, how many others are foreseen by the internal statute proper to the Association and to all the other Associates considered worthy of the office. The "CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE INTERNATIONAL - INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC CORPS - CDI" proposes to offer a privileged area of meeting between members of the Diplomatic Corps of all countries, members of IDI, in order to establish opportunities for meetings, to have an internal center of study, to give opinions to the President regarding relations with States and to carry out initiatives aimed at fostering ever greater understanding among Peoples.


The Department has been founded with the aim of helping member companies to operate effectively in international markets; task that is carried out under the guidance of the President of the Department, Dr. Valeria Rinaldi, through the collaboration between companies, associations, public and private bodies, through the organization of exhibitions, fairs and conferences.

The Department also makes use of the services offered by state structures for international trade and diplomatic liaison and in this perspective it is proposed to offer its collaboration and the professionalism of its members to the local public administrations and to the commercial offices of the Embassies for the development of their export programs as well as for the presentation of the opportunities offered by their countries.

In order to help companies in international trade, a special structure called "International Foreign Trade Organization - OICE" has been created within the association and under the responsibility of this Department, which collects, by fusion, the legacy of the 'Confassoexport' association, which was established in 1998.

The "IDI World Club - Entrepreneurs' club" is also part of the Department for the Internationalization of Companies, a circle independent of the Institute but monitored by the same, of entrepreneurs who usually work or intend to work with foreign markets.


Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Maurizio Belli, the Department for Studies and Training aims to coordinate all the activities of the Commission for Human and Ethical Development and the Diplomatic Academy of Nations, as well as the main activity of managing every kind of relationship with the Universities, the Italian and foreign Academies with which the International Diplomatic Institute has continuous collaboration relationships.

The Department is responsible for maintaining direct relations between the Institute and the external dicasteries of the Institute both in Italy and abroad. It serves as technical support for every activity related to professional training, managerial, entrepreneurial etc.


The Christian Social Doctrine expects that Christians and all men of good will assume its principles as a guide to judgments and actions.

Within the International Diplomatic Institute, the Department for Religious Affairs and Ecclesiastical Entities is setting up inter-religious agreements aimed at making practical the cultural sensitivities and perceptions of the values presented in daily life.
The work, seen as an essential key to the social question, shows the need for our Diplomatic Institute, which among its various purposes also has the aim of promoting the identity of the Declaration of Human Rights between the various countries, to relate with Interreligious organizations for the purpose of weaving common activities.