Diplomatic Corps

A structure called "Corps Diplomatique International - Diplomatic Corps International" was set up within the Department for Diplomatic Affairs, hereinafter referred to as "CDI"..

I.D.I. Associations are and will be members of the International Diplomatic Corps who have or have had the diplomatic status of any country in the world and the I.D.I. expressly accepted by the Board of Directors; The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary-General, the Executive President and the Treasurer are members of law.

This is a privileged area for meetings between members or former members of the Diplomatic Corps of all the member countries of the I.D.I., created with the aim of establishing opportunities for dialogue, of having an internal center of study of diplomatic problems and international politics. The International Diplomatic Corps gives opinions to the President of the I.D.I. in matters of relations with the States and works in direct synergy with the Department for Diplomatic Affairs of the Institute in order to carry out initiatives aimed at fostering greater understanding among the Peoples

A new figure: The Diplomatic Correspondet

Pursuant to Article 20 of the Bylaws, upon decision of the Board of Directors, persons with the title "Diplomatic Correspondent" may be nominated. Italian and foreign professionals, with high professional profile and great morality, with sensitivity for international relations and for all diplomatic, social and economic issues, will be able to stand as candidates.

People who will be granted the role of "Diplomatic Correspondent" must already be effective I.D.I members. They will be obliged to collaborate in the Institute's ideal and economic goals and to make themselves available to the Departments and Commissions I.D.I. for the realization of the projects issued by the Institute and will make available to the activities of the I.D.I. their personal and professional relationships in order to contribute to the realization of the Institute's own purposes.

The "Correspondent Diplomatic - Correspondant Diplomatique" will have the right to use the I.D.I logo. in the exercise of his profession and in the relations established as representative of the Diplomatic Institute exclusively in the countries indicated specifically in the Decree of Appointment. This concession obliges him to the utmost professional and personal seriousness that does not damage in any way the honor and the good reputation of the International Diplomatic Institute.

On the occasion of the appointment, the I.D.I. reserves the possibility of organizing a particularly solemn celebration of the event, in the presence of exponents of the diplomatic, business, political, artistic, professional and cultural world.

All the Diplomatic Correspondents will be provided with a personal identification document attesting their membership of the International Diplomatic Corps in the sole function of Correspondent and oval plates to be affixed to their vehicle. Both supplies must be understood as a means of recognition within the Institute